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Kristina Rose Bio and Information

Kristina Rose was born April 14, 1984 and grew up spending most of her time in Fullerton and San Diego, California.

Kristina got her start in the adult industry in May 2007. She had been working as an assistant to a photographer who shot adult content. When she received an offer to pose, she was hesitant, but soon decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

It proved to be the right choice for Kristina and she has since made it her career. She loves how much fun the work is and how it combines some of the things that she enjoys most - getting dressed up, getting naked, getting paid and having wild sex.

The petite brunette admits that her sexual appetite continues even off-screen. She masturbates at least once a day and likes to indulge in fantasies while doing so. A recurring fantasy of hers involves office sex with an older man. She also likes to fantasize about her celebrity crushes, Steve Buscemi and Robert Downey Jr.

A bisexual babe who likes to have her natural 34A-25-37 body dominated, Kristina appreciates the skills that both men and women bring to the bedroom, but confesses that she likes men a slight bit more because of their masculinity.

Kristina is enjoying her work in pornography for the time being, but does hope to someday meet a smart and funny man who isn't sleazy and marry him. She envisions herself as a sexy housewife with several little dogs and no children. She would also like to go back to school to be a makeup artist.

In the meantime, this hot 5'1" fox is collecting a ton of praise from the industry and the fans and quickly building her portfolio with incredible performances.

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